The Art of Collecting Art!!!!

Collecting Art is an age old activity.  For some it's a matter of finding an objet d'art on holiday and bringing it home to place or hang in a room.  For others it is the challenge of the acquisition, the hunt, the find, the victory of finding that exclusive piece.

For many it is simply a matter of taste and displaying in ones home or work environment.

But what is it for you?  What is it that drives you to want a nice piece of functional furniture that creates the "wow" factor in your room?  Is it the antique area rug that came from your grand-mother, or the new swirly sculpture of polished brass and metal that stops you in an art gallery?  Art should be YOUR own taste... and give you a reason to stop, smile, enjoy, question, be curious, question again...  it needs to make you happy... evoke emotion, and make you proud to say... "LOOK AT THAT!!!".... occasionally you may run across someone who is outspoken with different opinions... and that's okay too.

Whether you collect $1.00 trinkets from a flea market, or $1,000,000 priceless artifacts at auction, how your display, share, and store your items is just as important as the items themselves.  Some art pieces are in need of lighting and focal shelves, while others are to be added to a growing collection.  How and where are up to you.

What are your options?  What are your resources?  How will you transport it and get it in the door?

Combined with my Interior Design and Art Business, I offer complimentary installation and space planning to all my clients.  I will guide you through the art of collecting, the placement and assist in coordinating with what you already have, and what your desired final display could be.

Connect with me directly: Here

You can also find me around the South Bay...  and pick up my info
San Pedro Arts Association / SPAA Gallery / Ports O' Call Village, San Pedro, California
Madrona Marsh Nature Center & Preserve / Torrance, California

and watch for a new space: a new Art Collective that is Coming Soon to the South Bay / San Pedro Area!!!


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