Friday, January 21, 2011

Fiona's Room - Progress Report

I am taking a moment to write while a layer of paint dries. 
If you note the "before" pictures of the bedroom, you will notice that the upper portion was painted in a purplish blue, and the lower is in a peachy beachy color...

The new color scheme is Blue, Turquoise and all the "princessy - mermaid" colors that will make a girl want to play for hours...  in applying the first layer of blue it was apparent that the upper half would take an extra layer to cover the deep blue of old...  I made a point to brush paint the corners first, and also brush a layer where the border used to be....  then apply paint with the rollers.

Today I'm waiting for the turquoise wall, layer one, to dry and in a few minutes will apply the second layer.

More photos will come as I move to the purple walls and get the new curtains hung... and of course, for the "design reveal" which will happen on Feb 5th....  that's when Fiona will see the finishing touches all put together....

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